'It's him' I was trying not to succomb to the thick choked sobs inside me but the tears welling up in my eyes gave me away to this almost stranger. ' Th-thank you, Matt. Thank you for bringing me to him.'

I tiptoed slowly toward the machine that seemed to have taken over Taylor. My hand flew to my mouth as a reflex, as if somehow that would make things better. My insides churned up like rough waves as I was gripped by a need to just hold his hand, to let him know it'll all be Ok. Just one touch...

My fingers slowly parted his and I slid my hand so I was holding his. For a second it was like a dream coming true... then I felt my fingers tingle. Maybe this was how this worked: I could pass over my healing powers to him. Then everything would be- my thoughts were suddenly cut short as I felt my head forced back and images in my mind whizzed like a film on fast forward. Except these were not my images...

I could see a young boy, running to his mother. The more I watched I saw it was Taylor. They looked so happy, so normal... the picture changed, I suddenly saw Taylor's mother, screaming with pain and men in white coats bundling her into a van, Taylor feeling a hand on his shoulder and then... arriving at my home town. What did it all mean? I could have answered the question only then I felt a burning on my palm, and with a cry I returned to the dorm. I snatched my hand away and looked at the palm, which had blisters and scalds all over it (if only for a second). I backed away from Taylor and his medical prison, and turned around to Matt, who seemed very stunned and was looking at me like I was from another planet.

'What is it?'

The End

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