I led the way back to the dorm, Jenny followed siletly behind as I mvoed away from the beach. The dormitory was quiet, but there were human shapes under the covers. Jenny tip toes closer, she peeks at the faces in the beds. She looks back at me and shakes her head. I look around the dorm, I notice a door slightly ajar, a light was on and a thin line of light shone out.

I motion to Jenny and she comes to stand beside me.

"What?" she asks. I point to the door and we move through it. A boy lies uncouncious on the bed. Half hos body is covered with blood darkened bandages. A wire hooks him to a drip and a small monitor beeps quietly.

Jenny dashes to the boys bed and turns to me her eyes glistening woth silent tears.

"It's him." she whispers.

The End

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