'I'm... Jenny.' I lowered my hands as I saw this guy looked only my age, perhaps a couple of years older than me, and completely harmless. A little evasive, but more out of protection than choice. 'So. You're new too?'

'Yehh, I just came here the other day. I couldn't sleep.'

'Neither could I.' I smiled and he seemed to ease up a little. I suddenly realised: if this Matt was from the boys' dorm... 'Have you seen Taylor? Do you know whether he's awake yet? Ember said she'd wake me but they're still a little worried after the crash.'

'I... don't know who this Taylor dude is. But-' his eyes widened a little as he saw my body, free from any signs of a near-death experience. 'If you crashed, surely you'd be-?'

'You'd think- I seem to have a healing power. I thought, perhaps I could use it to help Taylor. They haven't told me how he is but I can see by the way they avert their eyes- he's in a bad condition.' I felt my mouth turn down at the thought of Taylor just lying there- he was always so full of life, and now everyone was talking about him as if he was dead. Even I was! I heard Matt ask if I was Ok and decided to take matters into my own hands. 'Matt. Do you know where the boys' dorm is?'

The End

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