I stood there as the jet took off.  I didn't know what to do, I had nothing to do.  My brown hair wiped around me as the jet took off, until it disappeared out in the distance. Awesome, I had just been abandoned on some island.  I had a small suitcase with me with stuff so I laid it down and sat on it.  I rested my chin in my hands.   Well what now?

I sat there for hours and hours and soon the sun was fading off in the horizon.  I wasn't tired and I wasn't hungry, I was mad.  Infuriated, even.  Hell I was straight up going insane with the hate I held in.  Soon I couldn't help but scream.  I screamed and screamed.  My throat was sore and I felt like I wouldn't be able to talk again for years.  I wanted to leave I wanted to go home! I saw no one here at all.  I was so bored so I thought about food and water and soon a banana and a cup of water came to me.  Then I opened up my suitcase and took out a book.  I opened it up and read.   


I fell into a deep sleep.  I dreamt I was back home in my own bed with my family.  I dreamed my dad was alive and that none of this 'being able to see the future and move things with my mind' thing never happened.  Then just as soon as the dream turned perfect it took a turn for the worst I saw my dad getting murdered.  I awoke screaming and saw a boy there staring at me with curiosity and confusion.

The End

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