I woke again in the middle of the night only this time it wasn't any dream that had woken me, but the sticky heat of the island and its great contrast to my old life in some damp town. I tried to get back to sleep again but everything was swimming in my head...

Had the helicopter crashed by some accident or to do with Taylor's inability to fly, or perhaps had the island dragged us down? I couldn't help feeling it was the latter, because why else would I suddenly come into possession of these weird healing powers? I wondered whether my parents -ok, not real parents but still the nearest I have- had noticed I was vanished? How would the react? I could see my mother crying, and a part of me inside stung- something I couldn't heal like a scratch or gash. Would I ever see them again? Would I ever see Taylor again? Perhaps if only they would let me see him, I could heal him myself- who's saying my powers don't stretch beyond just me? Maybe I could help people... Maybe I could help Taylor. Maybe we wouldn't need the painting any more. What about the painting-was it lost? Would the police find us if we tried to carry on?

I needed some fresh air. Slipping quietly from my bed I pulled on a pair of trainers by my clothes and disappeared from the dorm, wanting to stretch my legs and wander to the sea. The sea always made me calm. Out of the corner of my eye though I saw something lingering further up on the path. I called out 'hello?' and a tall boy spun round. He looked skinny and a little bewildered, and a walked closer, holding out my hands

'I'm not going to hurt you! Who are you?'

The End

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