Artemis: Another one!

Hidden and hovering safely above the ground, I was startled when a sleek jet flew down from the sky and dropped off a child. I was curious about this one's power as he was guarded by two agents. Then, my eyes widened. AVALANCHE! I quickly became very worried for the child.

Wind, allow me to be seen!

Instantly, the wind blew away leaving me hovering above the ground. My blonde hair, turned extremly bright by the sun, looks dirty and worn. My cargo shorts and 'devil may care' t-shirt look equally dirty. My tanned skin, normally white, was showing dirt. My bright blue eyes looked right into the man on the right's eyes. And this 16 year old, me, ran to them.

"Boreas, spirit of the north wind, give me the ability to defeat my enemies!"

And with these words spoken, a strong wind picked up from the north. And they began to swirl aroundme, and then a sword flew by and I stuck out my hand and grabbed it.

"This sword is the mighty Venti. It is as light as a feather, yet as strong as the mythical metal of adamantium."

I paused, gathering my words but holding my sword steady.

"I have some questions though. Why did you want to take me? Why did you try to steal me? Why did you murder my family?"

The End

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