Curiosity killed the superhuman...?

"Busy neighbourhood." I muttered galncing at the smouldering wreckage of... I don't know what it's pretty mangled. I continued on the path marked on the map. The boys dorm looms in front of me and I push open the door, no one seems to be home. There seems to be people inhabiting some of the beds and I move towards the one furthest from the rest of the habited beds. I sit on the far too comfy bed.

For a while I just sit there before my curiousity gets the better of me and I stalk off towards the wreckage. I walk towards the only two figures on the scene.

"What happend?" I ask the strangers.

They don't have a chance to reply as the fuel tank explodes next to us. The two strangers are thrown to the ground but the flames that leap from the wreck envelope me.

The End

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