Artemis: don't get caught

I awoke with a strong breeze blowing right at my face. I roll over and realize that my make-shift boat isn't in the water anymore. Curiously, I poke my head above the rim, and see people rushing to a different area. I look around and notice that there is noone around, still I wish not to be caught.

"Wind, bless me with the power to be unseen." I whispered.

I was fully aware of the wind that blew around me and began diflecting light. Soon, I would be completely invisible. That was my ability, to control the wind, or rather to harness it.

When I was fully convinced that I was indeed unseeable, I whispered again.

"Wind, do not allow me to touch the ground."

I slowly became aware that I was now hovering about an inch above the bottom of my 'boat.' I stood up, and hovered onto the beach, I began walking forward to where the group went.

Then, I saw, it was a helicopter crash. I hovered closer to get a better look, and I saw two people down below. I wonder what they're doing. So I hover closer. And I wait, for them to tell me what was going on.

The End

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