I'm Confused.

A helicopter crash, two teens, one freaking out while the other is half-dead. I don't know what to think. It's just been a whirlwind since I arrived. I had been watching the girl (who had been freaking out.) when she woke up again.

"Taylor!" she yelled for the millionth time. Gee whiz what is with her?

"Hey are you ok?" I asked moving toward her. I know I look weird, but hey, it's not my fault! She punched the alarm clock. Why do they always go for the alarm clock? "I'm Ember by the way." Named for my hair. Again, it's natural! "We found your friend."

"You found Taylor?" She tried to get out of bed but I held her back.

"He's sleeping right now. You can visit him later." Sometimes my eyes just change on their own. They turned turquoise, although I'm not sure why. "How did you two crash a helicopter? You're only like, sixteen."

"Well..." her eyes looked thoughtful. I know eye expressions ok?

The End

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