My name is Matt I don't have a last name, living on the street you don't really get that priviledge. I have light brown hair and tanned skin and bright blue eyes. Im tall and thin, very thin courtesy of street life. The clothes I wear are brand new, a first for a kid of my background. A goverment official sits in front of me, a babysitter if you ask me. Trying to make sure I don't run off anywhere like they could stop me, they found me in Tokyo asleep in a doorway, been looking for me for a very long time. They know about me, what I can do. They told me about their Island a haven for people like me. To be honest I wasn;t sure there was anyone else like me. I've been travelling for as long as I can remember, since before my Mum died. Apparently I was born in Britain but all traces of my nationality have been erased by the constant travelling. I told them I didn't want to go to their Island, their prison. They said that was fine that I could leave the offer on the table if I wanted. Then they gave me money and some food. A gift to show their good will, I think it was more of a bribe. But it peaked my intrest and I went with them. They took me to a private airstrip and we flew in a helicopter for hours, we landed twice to re-fuel, it would have been quicker if they'd just given me a map and let me fly there.

Im still unsure of how they caught up with me, I knew someone was following me on Cairo but I flew to Dubai and then Tokyo. That's what I do, well one of the things I can do but one of the most practical. I manipulate the elements. Earth, fire, wind and water. I knew what I could do for a long time but until recently I didn't know how I could control it.

I was being chased by muggers through the suburbs of Paris. I was cornered in some alley in some random part of the city. I was scared almost paralysed with fear. I fell to the floor my hand thrust in the dirt of the unseen streets of the most beautiful city in the world. I threw my hands up to protect myself when I noticed the dirt of the floor was clinging to me like a magnet. I concentrated and the dirt hardened and crusted my fists. I stood up as the muggers charged. I was the only one to leave that alley. After several more weeks of experiments I doscovered that earth is controlled by fear, while fire is controlled by anger, water by sadness and air by happiness.

The chopper touches down gently and I stand immediately long before the goverment babysitter has realized we're no longer in the air. I step out of the newly opened hatch and onto the Island.

The End

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