'Taylor!' I woke again in a cold sweat, as I'd been doing for the last night. I kept reliving the crash, in my dreams, and everything was more...vivid. As if this was the actual turn of events. The thing that kept changing was the ending: sometimes we ducked about in the helicopter but stayed in flight, flew off to a better place and started life again. Other times the copter would crash and burst into flames. I died. Taylor died. Other times I see Taylor drag me from the crash and then get captured by the police. As if they'd have followed us out here...either way, the dream made me angry. I was running out of things to smash at this point, so I punched an alarm clock. The glass shattered and tiny shards clawed into my skin, so I sat there, picking them out as the skin fused around the tiny cuts.

I noticed one of the girls who had helped me into the dorm, a tiny girl with long, strangely dyed hair who was looking at me curiously. I could've sworn her eyes flashed red for a moment there...

'Hey, ' she coaxed, nearing my bed. 'feeling better? I'm Ember, by the way.' She held out a hand to shake but I was still picking glass from mine. 'Oh, we found your friend.'

'You found Taylor?' I nearly leapt out of bed, but Ember pulled me back down.

'Woahh. He's still sleeping, but you can maybe visit him later.' Her eyes turned a curious turquoise. 'How did you two end up crashing a helicopter anyway? You only look like sixteen.'

'Well.' I shuffled about and pondered whether I should trust this girl. After all, it could be a trap. On the other hand...I was on an island full of people with weirdy powers. I don't think the police would go that far to catch two juveniles...

'Ok, so here's what happened...'

The End

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