Yin and Yang


Yin stood on the raft, looking at the horizon. Her sister Yang stood at the other side doing the same. They had been stuck on this raft for weeks, and it was starting to fail. The palm branches were rotting and the ropes would not last another two days. Suddenly Yang spoke.

'Look, Yin. An island! We're saved!' Yin summoned powers of darkness, and Yang summoned light. The raft almost flew towards the island, where both Yin and Yang collapsed on the sand.

(Yin has white blonde hair to her waist and wears a long black coat, black leggings and a black tank top. Yang has black hair and wears the same as Yin but in white except for the coat, she wears a jacket. They both have grey-blue eyes. They are sixteen year old twins)

The End

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