Is there anyway I can help?

I awoke with a start. Note to self: 1. Don’t go to sleep as an animal. 2. Don’t go to sleep as an animal in a bush. Ouch, not nearly as comfortable as a person. I took a quick look around to figure out what I might do next. Clothes? Check, oh thank god. That'd be just what this place needs, a kid who sleeps in the nude in bushes. It took longer than I'd like to admit to notice the smoke from the burning wreckage. I'm not exactly perceptive in the morning.

Once my brain wrapped around the idea of 'You should probably go help,' I wriggled out of the bush and jogged off in the direction of the smoke. Coming up over a little hill I spotted the beach, with a freshly crashed...helicopter, not fully sure, it was pretty busted up. As I got closer I noticed other people. That girl from last night, Trixie I think she said. Trixie was talking with another girl. Huh, it's strange how calm some people can be, in the midst of a helicopter crash, I mean. I jogged over to them.

"Err, uh, hi," yup, still a smooth talker even in the morning. "This isn't supposed to be here I guess." motioning to the crash, as if they hadn't already noticed the burning hunks of metal. Just call me Captain Obvious.  "Is anyone hurt? Is there anyway I can help? What happened?"

The End

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