Did I do that?

Slowly I walked into the dream, a bit nervous. I was on an island, and this goat was apperently freaking out. Hum...Should I talk to it?

"Um hey." I said, the goat turned, looking rather supprised. "So, do you need help or something?" He just stared at me.

"There's a boat over there" I said, gesturing to a clump of trees. I walked over and dragged it out onto the open sand, then down on the water. I looked back at the goat.

"Are you coming?" I said. Hesintaly the goat walked over.

"So, are you normaly a goat?, I mean, if you're not you can try going back to normal."

The goat slowly changed into a boy, but he had goat fur growing all over. "Sorry bout that. I can't change everything." I said. "I'm Dil by the way."

"Grif." Said the goat boy.

"Anywere in paticular you want to go?" I asked him. He thought for a momment, then suddenly the dream began to fade. I guess he want's to wake up.

"Gota go!!!" I said, jumping out of the boat and back onto the sand. Were's the portal? I really don't want to be stuck here.

I scanned the island, then saw the portal behinde a  driftwood pile. Just before the dream ended, I slipped back to reality. That was a close one.

I woke. let's see if any disasters have commenced, shall we? I thought as I slowly opened my eyes, and looked right at a helicopter crash. Did I do that?

The End

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