I heard something big happen right behind us as we were walking to the dorm. I turned and saw fire! Ember turned around and we both ran as fast as we could to where I think a helicopter crashed! Once we reached it I began calling to see if anyone would answer. Whoever was on that I hope they aren't dead! I thought then I spotted a girl off to my left laying unconscience I ran over to her and that was when she woke up.

"Taylor!" she called. She didn't seem to notice me so I asked "Are you okay?" She jumped at my voice and turned toward me

"Who are you?" She asked still quite shaken up "Where am I?" I kneeled down next to her

"I'm Trixie and you are on an island for people with gifts." I helped her stand up "What happened?"

"I'm not quite sure.... We were flying and suddenly the helicopter crashed." I let go of her and quickly caught her again before she fell.

"Come on. We need to take you to see someone." I started to lead her away but she stopped me.

"No! Not until we find Taylor!." She turned back to the helicopter.

The End

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