If the government hated me they could've just said so. They didn't have to chain me to the bottom of an airplane. Ok, that's an over-exaggeration. They just chained me to chair INSIDE the plane. Well, let's get on with it. My name is Ember and I have hair that is half-way to my waist and black with orange spots.(believe it or not, it's natural. I don't believe in dying my hair.) That's how I got my name. Why am I chained to a chair? That's where my gifts come in. I can use the powers of animals, as well as change my eye color. Let's just say that cabin+fire salamander spray=complete disaster. I didn't mean to burn it down. There was a wolf! It hated me! That's a first for me ok? Usually animals love me. Huh. Oh well. It's not like they're going to kill me or anything. They're just taking me to the Island.

"Are we there yet?" I know it gets annoying to grown ups. It's classic though.

"Almost." The pilot sounded bored. Maybe it's because he's always the pilot that takes me to the Island. His name is Bob. Well, not really. I don't know what his real name is, he just looks like a Bob. The plane started to lose altitude.

"Are we there yet?" I know, annoying. I do it because I can. Bump! The plane has landed!

"Get out of here! Here's the key. I better not see you anytime soon." Bob sounded angry. He tossed the key over his shoulder. I just caught it with my feet. Very useful. I unlocked myself, let's not say how, and jumped out of the airplane.

"See ya Bob!" I started walking toward the girl's dorm. Hey look! It's Trixie! "Hey Trixie!" she looked at me as I hurried toward her.

"What did you do this time?" She always knows when I've done something wrong. It's the beginning of Spring. I only come here in the Summer. Oops.

"Fire salamander spray and a cabin." I rolled my green-brown eyes to look up.

"Bad girl." Trixie said smiling. "Did they use chains or ropes?"

"Chains." I yawned. "Let's talk about this in the morning. We walked into the dorm.

The End

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