Fresh Air

I was beiging to feel better, but I needed some fresh air. Walking out of the stale dorm, I looked up at the stars. I sat, trying to find constelations in the night sky. So many.

I enjoyed the breez, even though it was a bit cold. I thought of going back inside, but was affraid of falling asleep. What would happen if I changed the dream of a suppernatural? Shakeing my mind off the thought, I began to think of the family I'd left back home. It was more of a makeshift family, a small group of orphans at a boarding school. Still, it was a family.

Slowy I fell asleep, and the blueness fell over everything. I didn't move, afraid to cause disaster by changing a dream. But I suddenly realised I wasn't alone. Just a few steps away a dream was shining in the bushes...

The End

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