Warming up to the island

The cafeteria was what was to be expected, a big room with some tables. I grabbed tray and started along the line of food. I was pretty surprised at the selection offered. I had really only expected some gruel or some other horror story food, something barely fit for prisoners, but I guess we're meant to be well fed.

I filled each of the little compartment of my tray, overfilled really. Each item nearly ready to spill into another compartment. I've always had a really fast metabolism, but try as I might, I can never gain or lose a pound. Guess none of that really maters. It's starnge sometimes the things you think about when in a place you're not familiar with.

Once my tray was full to bursting I looked around for a place to sit. I always hated trying to find a place to sit back in school. Do I try and sit with the cool kids? Who are the cool kids on an island of oddballs? Do I sit with the nerdy kids? How can someone tell if someone else is nerdy or strange on an island of strange kids? Oh no, are people starting to look at me because I can't find a place to sit? how long before I'm labeled the wierd kid?

RELAX, no one else is even here...big breath, just sit somewhere. Might as well sit next to the only person here. Hope she's friendly.

"Hey, I'm Trixie. You must be one of the new kids right?"

I'd have to say that's fairly friendly. Don't sigh in relief, it'll make you sound annoyed. Don't think too much, it'll make you sound unfriendly! Say something back!

"Yeah I am. The name's Griffeth, or Grif for short." Why'd I say Griffeth? I hate my full name. Great, now she'll remember me as Griffeth, and I'll have to put up with it.

"Well Grif..."

She didn't use Griffeth!

"... welcome to the island.I'm guessing you got a map of the Island in that packet of yours so feel free to explore." Trixie motioned off to her side. "If you go that way you'll find where the boys sleep. There's another boy there. His name is Dil. I hope you like it here at the Island." She flashed me a quick smile, dumped her tray, and left.

Huh, that wasn't too bad. At least I didn't say something to make me sound strange. I chuckled to myself at that. Strange...on an island of strange people. Only I would worry about that. I finished eating my mountain of food.

Opening up the packet I was given, and glanced at the map for a second but decided I'd rather see it all for myself than be told what was there. The rest of the stuff was the stock 'Welcome' information that might be found from anywhere from a museum to a themepark. I dumped my tray and started off for the boys dorm, but for some reason I glanced up at the sky and noticed the stars. The night has always been so pretty to me and out here, with only a few lights, the night sky was almost as bright with starlight as it was black with the emptiness of space.

Maybe outside would be nicer... I shifted into a rat and made off for a cozy little spot under a bush. I know, rats really aren't all that cool or anything, but I came from a city and so there were plenty of rats to learn how to turn into. Anyway, my little bush bed was made and I drifted off to sleep. Maybe this place won't be so bad after all...

The End

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