Maps Are Really Nice To Have

I turned as I heard foot steps and spotted a young man probably a few years older than me. He got in line where the food was served and got his food then looked around. I guess the reason he sat down next to me was because I was the only one there but I didn't really mind.

"Hey." I said nodding to him "I'm Trixie. You must be one of the new kids right?" he nodded

"Yeah I am. The name's Griffeth or Grif for short."

"Well Grif welcome to the island." I said because it just seemed like the right thing to say. "I'm guessing you got a map of the Island in that packet of yours so feel free to explore." I pointed off to my left "If you go that way you'll find where the boys sleep. There's another boy there. His name is Dil. I hope you like it here at the Island." I gave him a smile then with that said I threw my tray away and left for the girls dorm, pushing my hair out of my face.

The End

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