Grif joins the island

I've never really liked being in enclosed spaces. The little plane I was in was just a dinky little metal sausage with wings, but that's what I get for missing the main transport. The escort in the plane must have been new, or scared or something because he kept glancing over at me, watching me really. Guess he was wondering how an awkward kid like me would need to go to the government's island of misfit toys. That thought brought a smile to me. In the kids movie, all the toys found their perfect place and lived happily ever after, maybe it'd work that way in real life too.

By the time the plane got to whereever it was supposed to go night had fallen. The little plane landed on an equally little landing strip and someone esle came up to me. The stereotypical government worker person. Really they could pass as an extra on a Men in Black movie, but I guess the suites do look good on everybody.

"Griffeth Williams?" she said, very staightforwardly. No idle chit chat from the government

"Uh, ya." I make great first impressions with my amazing verbal skills.

"Here is your introduction packet. It contains most of the information you'll need to get aquainted with The Island. The mess hall is off that way. I apologize for not being able to supply you with a resident to show you around, but it is currently the dinner hour."

And just like that the greeter walked off to do important work stuff, I guess, or at least would hope that's why she walked off in such a hurry. I left the tin sausage and started for the cafeteria. I've always prefered the word cafeteria over mess hall. Mess hall sounds so unkept and dirty. I mean how clean can a place be with the mord "mess" in it?

The walk over the cafeteria was pretty quick, but that's probably because I've got really long legs...and arms. I'm pretty lanky in fact. It's one of the great qualities that makes me awkward. That and I can shapeshift. Not well, but I manage, most of the time. At least 8 out of 10 times.

I wonder what's for dinner...

The End

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