Well, What I do know.

I glanced down at my rice, trying to think of a way to explain what I knew about my powers.

"Well, I don't know very much about my powers." I said. "To tell you the truth, I never noticed them until people began to point them out."

I looked at Trixie, who nodded, telling me to keep going.

" The one I know the most about, has to do with dreams. I can, um, well I can get into other peoples dreams. Ussaly I can change the dreams, at least  a little bit.Well, most of the time I can acctualy change a lot of it. There must  always be underlying  pieces of the original dream, but sometimes you don't even see them."

I took a deep breath, then countinued.

"People have called me Dream Weaver, Midnight Storyteller, Dream Jumper, the Sandman, and a number of other names. Someone even called me Leven Thumps once, although I don't go to some other world. I just go to sleep, or let my mind wander. I soon find myself 'awake', but everything is tinted blue. I can then move around without anyone seeing or hearing me. When someone is dreaming, I can tell. A muilticulor dome of light forms around them, and I can walk into the dome. I am then inside there dream,  and am free to change things."

I nervously wrung my hands, then countinued.

"But my dream changing has more efect than I realised. When I first began to experiment, I tryed to change a wild dog's dream. I  changed everything, left nothing of the origianal dream. I gave him a dream were he got into the towns butcher shop, and he ate all the meat he wanted." I paused. "The next mornig, I found out a wild dog really had gotten into the butcher shop, and had destroyed almost all the meat. It really scared me. A few days later, I told my 'friends' about the  dog's dream. Everyone in my small town knew I had some sort of powers, but this was something I told only a few people. My friends began to tell others about this, even though they had promised not to."

I took a deep, long breath before going on.

"One night a few kids vandalised a store. They broke into it, and stole a lot of things, includeing a TV from the break room. They were caught by a local police man. They claimed, I-I had made them do it. They said I controlled them through their dreams. But I didn't. I didn't."

I was going to say more, but I suddenly felt sick.

My face growing pale, I said. "I don't feel that great."

The End

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