Brighten Up The Dormitory.

I pocketed the schedule Trixie gave me then head back to the dormitory. It was rather loney there and I couldn't tell if anyone else accutaly lived in the Boy's House. I decided to try and brighten the place I would call home for the time being.   I dug through my stuff until I found my brightly colored, hand-made patchwork quilt and pillow case. After these were put on the bed, I began pulling things out off my suitcases to see if I had any thing else to decorate my space. I found an extra sheet, a thick, linen one. I wove the sheet between the meatal support beams of the top bunk, creating a red tent over my bed.  It was acctualy quite cosy, and I was supprised that it made such a difference. I pushed the rest of my stuff under the bed, then wanderd out side, wondering if dinner would be ready soon.

The End

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