Welcome To The Island

I approached the landing after the helicopter had landed and found the boy I was supposed to show around. "Hello, I'm Trixie. Welcome to the Island, Dilo..." I started trying to pronounce his name but he stopped me.

"Just call me Dil." He said

"Alright." I said thankfully cause I couldn't pronounce it anyway. "I'll show you to your room then I'll give you a tour of the place." I led him to the boys house where of course all the boys slept. It was actually quite empty here you see. The government hasn't been able to find kids with unatural gifts. After Dil had put his things on a bed I began showing him around the Island. Once I had finished I gave him the schedule and said "Dinner will be ready in an hour. See you there." With that I walked off.


The End

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