Diluculo Gradior

I blinked as the door to the windowless compartment was opened.

"We've reached our destination." said the attendant in his gruff voice. He stood to the side, then watched me as I enterd the cocpit and steped off the helicopter.  A slight breeze ruffled my shoulder length white-blonde hair; and brought with it the salty smell of the sea. The island was so diffrent from the mountians I had left back in Europe, yet so familiar. 

     The others arriving were gathering around a small, makeshift stage. Someone stood on it, apperingly takeing role.

"Diloeskol Gradeeore." The man called, butchering my name.

"Here!" I called. "oh, and it's pronoced Diluculo Gradior."

"Ah yes, that's what I said." muttered the man as he looked down at his clip board "Diloeskol, you'll be in Trixie's group." 

The man gestured to a girl with long, dark blonde hair. I walked over to her, butterflys dancing in my stomach. I was always so shy when around girls.

"Hello, I'm Trixie." The girl said. "Welcome to the Island, Dilo-"

I cut her off before she could finsh. "Just call me Dil."  

"Ok, Dil, let's get you settled in, then I'll give you a tour."  she said.

I stood next to her, wiping the sweat from my hands onto my shirt, trying to think of something to say.


The End

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