Apollo: Many Many Years BackMature

The sun rose in the east like it always did. The warm orange light spread over the building letting everyone know it was day. The main tower speared up into the sky and when the sun hit it the orb at the tip it lit up. It splayed its own light over the centre of the city. It covered the market and the council house then stopped at the centre wall. The tower that splayed the light was right in the middle. Everything circled round it.

I watched it from the roof of the council house. I closed my eyes as I felt the sun and orb light touch my skin. I took a slow deep breath. "Apollo!" a voice yelled up at me. I opened my eyes slowly and leant forward to see my sisters face staring up at me. She looked tired.

Of course she was tired she'd been up all night just like I'd been up at the crack of dawn. "What is it, Arina?" I asked.

"Father called us" she said with a shrug. I nodded and jumped down from the roof landing perfectly on my feet. Not that the support of my fiery wings had anything to do with it. "Show off" my sister said shoving me. I laughed and we walked into council side by side.

When we walked in we were met by the familiar sight of Father and his brother. He had another brother but we never mentioned he. The brothers were arguing. 

"But brother-" Poseidon started off. 

"Hush, brother" Father's voice boomed. His wife hesitated close by but didn't seem to dare approach. Father glanced at where she hesitated and sighed slumping into his seat. "We can't worry ourselves with Hades"

Everyone in the room tensed even Dionysus who had just walked into the room. "What is going on?" he asked Arina. Of course he'd ask Arina. Everyone thought I was just some hot head.

I looked around and saw everyone was here. My eyes passed Minerva stopped and went back. A girl was stood behind her trying to stay out of view. I heard Arina answer Dionysus then ask me a questioned. "What?" I said turning to meet my sisters confused gaze. Twin sister really but we were more two sides of one entity. Night and Day. Cold and Heat.

"I just said-"

"Silence your chattering" Father's voice boomed interrupting Arina. "We have a guest" he held a hand out towards the girl hiding behind Minerva. The girl took it and let herself be led in front of us all. You could tell she didn't like it. I wouldn't either. My phoenix raced round my body wanting me to use its wings. I hated being caged in the council house. 

"Who is that?" said Hermes joining us. He ran his eyes over the girl like she was just another girl. I could tell she wasn't. "Well I don't know but I'd sure like to"

"Shut up, Hermes" Arina snapped a him. Hermes held up his hands and we all quietened down. I did get what Hermes was on about though. Her pitch black hair flowed as dark as night but darker if that was possible. Then her eyes pierced out sparking like a wild fire. She turned her eyes on me and seemed to study me quietly.

"This is Atiya" Father introduced. "Her name meaning gift she is the answer to our problems"

"How?" Poseidon demanded approaching his brother. "You know what Hades plans. He plans a war"

Father turned his stormy eyes on his brother. "Hades will barely touch the edge of this city"

"You don't know that!" Poseidon yelled furious. The earth began to shake and Arina clutched my hand. I wanted to run up and help the poor girl stuck closest to Poseidon's fury. 

"I do and you will not challenge me, brother" Father's voice boomed. The room stopped shaking as Poseidon took a step back. He faced his brother for another second before storming out. Father sighed. We all knew how he hated to fight with his brother.

"Atiya come here" Minerva said then escorted the poor girl away before she left the room though she glanced back her eyes meeting mine. I felt time stop for a moment. Slow and then when she looked away everything picked up again. I blinked and saw my sister was begin to leave. She glanced at me.

"Coming, brother?" she asked. I nodded. I needed to feel the sun on my skin.

The End

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