I found myself looking at the car strangely. "So..." I said looking at Serena who was looking at the floor. "Serena?"


She made the noise absently but did look up from the floor. At first she almost met my eye but then she looked away remembering. She didn't seem to be able to except the change so easily. "Serena" my voice muttered. It was me but it wasn't.

Whatever it was about it it made Serena look at me. She stared for a moment then looked away a couple of tears in her eyes. Sighing I moved to sit in the car resting my hands on the wheel. My fingers ran over it as Serena got in the passanger seat.

"Why did you wake me so early?" she asked in a quiet voice. I felt my fingers twitch wanting to move to grasp her hand but I didn't. I moved awkwardly in my seat.

"Aren't I meant to drive you to school?"

Serena winced. "I could walk. We don't even have to go yet" she pointed out gesturing at the time. "We have at least 20 minutes till we have to go"

"Well, I have to remember how to drive" I explained which made her shift worriedly. "Don't worry. I won't crash. I've controlled things much more powerful than a car"

Serena glanced at me. "That doesn't make me feel any much better" she told me. I looked back at her then I couldn't help myself. I slid my hand into hers intertwining our fingers. She tried to pull away. "Apollo..." her voice was unsure and soon she met my eyes which were already looking into hers. When they met something kept her there. Her heart picked up a little beat and she seemed to look into me.

"Stop" her voice sounded. It was shaky and scared so I looked down which seemed to allow her to look away. 

I didn't let go of her hand though. I ran my thumb over the back of her hand feeling heat seep from me to her. She suddenly seemed cold. "You saw it didn't you" I whispered. 

"Yes" she choked. A silence fell between us. "Oh, Ev-" she stopped quickly.

"You can call me that if you want" I shrugged just watching me tracing patterns on the back of her hand.

Serena shook her head seeming ashamed. "No, I can't-"

"Yes, you can. You didn't call me Apollo befor-" I stopped quickly and yanked away sliding out the car. No, I couldn't tell her.

Serena got out of the car. She was watching me. I could feel it. Her eyes were staring into my back. "What do you mean before?"


"You have to of meant something by it"

"It doesn't matter" I snapped walking off. 

I heard her yell after me but I just kept walking. I couldn't cope with it. She was the power. Something I couldn't let go. All of this meant it was her.

Chained to that prison. Having to wait for a life where she reached an age of power. Where she found me. It hurt to know she couldn't remember. Not yet anyway. So many memories of her. Present life... and past ones.

The End

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