Serena: Not Sure What To DoMature

I slept fitfully, and when I awoke I realised the nightmares were real. Evan was gone, and there was this shadow of him in his place.

I went in to the kitchen to make breakfast, and went to the window to watch the world as I drank my coffee. How was I supposed to deal with this? He wasn't my Evan, and I had spent such a short time with him that I didn't know who he was. It was like being with a stranger. I had no idea what he felt for me; whether Evan's emotions still lingered in his heart, or whether he was completely immune to me. I also didn't know what to do. Evan and I had planned to visit other places; to discover what my power was. Now I didn't feel at all excited about the prospect. Now I felt scared. What if every Inked person I had contact with changed because of me? I didn't know what my power was, or what it did, but it scared me.

Don't be scared.

I whipped round, dropping my cup in the process. It shattered on the floor. There was no one in the room. I was alone. So where had the voice come from?

I am your friend. When you were once your truest self we flew together, across the stars.

"Who are you?"

Now is not the time. Right now, you must concentrate on your lover.

"He is not my lover."

Oh but he is. Trust me. You are his soul mate, inked or otherwise.

"He's not Evan."

He is Evan's truest self. Find him. I must go now. I will see you soon Serena.

And with that it was like some link in my head severed. The world seemed smaller, and the light less bright. I wondered how I had not noticed the change before, when whoever it was had started speaking to me. 

"Serena." I jumped again, because he'd come out of the bedroom. I didn't know what to call him. Apollo? Evan?

I couldn't call him Evan.

"Apollo. Good morning."

"You appear to have dropped your cup."

I looked down and saw the remenants of the cup on the floor, surrounded by coffee dregs.

"Oh. Yes."


The End

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