Apollo: A New WorldMature

I left the young Serena in her room. I ran my fingers over surfaces trying to take in the sense of touch. The feel of the soft blanket and the firm wood of the kitchen top. Evan knew all of these but to me I felt like my eyes were open for the first time. The body felt fresh and full of a new life, my new life.

I found a bottle of coke in the fridge and took a gulp feeling the tingle on my tongue. Then the rush in my throat and wince in my eyes from drinking it to quickly. I coughed a little twisting the lid back on before putting it back in the fridge. I looked down at my shirt and ran my fingers over the fabric. "Wh-What are you doing?"  

I turned to find Serena. "Everything is new to me"

"B-But you said you were E-Evan so how is it new?" she questioned. I sighed letting my arms fall to my side before seeming to naturally put them in my pockets a moment later.

"I only have his memories, Serena, and bits of his personality.... Then some of his attachments"

She flushed. "Don't you mean feelings?"

"I didn't want to be so bold" I shrugged before I found my eyes wandering around the room."Its all so odds. Being so at ease her but not remembering it as me. All I've known is the darkness for a long time"

"Darkness?" Serena questioned with a frown taking a nervous step towards me. I looked at her and nodded.

Taking in a slow breath I thought back to where I had been. "I couldn't tell night from day.  I couldn't even see my fingertips or the tip of my nose. One moment there would be heat. It would be so hot that all I could focus on was how clammy my skin felt. Next it would be so cold my teeth chattered shaking my skull so much I'd get a headache-"

"Stop" Serena suddenly cut in. I looked at her and saw tears. She walked up and hugged me. She didn't say anything cause I don't think she knew what to say but her arms around me made me feel so very warm inside. It had been so long since I'd had human touch but I was obviously going to have to go at her pace. She was something that I couldn't abandon.

The End

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