Serena: ConfusedMature

"So... you're happy?"

"Yes, very."

"And Evan... he is..."

"He's still here. I am Evan, but I am also other things."

"Like the phoenix."


It seemed as though he had explained it a million times, but I was still confused. I couldn't quite understand why my Evan was gone but still there.

"Do you... remember?"

"I remember things from his life yes. I remember his love for you. That he was... that we were going to go to Greece. That my sister was with..." Here his eyes flared, as though he had seen a demon.

"With... do you know who he is?"

"Yes... he is Hades."

There was a silence and then I laughed.

"Sorry... do you mean Hades, the mythological god of the underworld?"

"Hades, one of the forces that controls the inked. And I am Apollo."

"Apollo? The guy with the sun and everything?"

He chuckled.


"Oh... but you said I brought you to life...?"

"You are the power that did that."

"The power? But... I don't even know what my power is. Evan didn't know... or if he did he wouldn't tell me..."

"He wanted to take you to Greece so you could meet other inked people. Would you still like to go? I feel that I must take you..." He leaned down to kiss me again, but I held back.

"I... I don't know. I need to think. I don't know how I feel about... about you only being partly him."

"Take your time. I understand."

I nodded and slumped on to the bed. So many things were happening at once. It was so hard to take it all in.

The End

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