My eyes hurt. I didn't understand why. 

Where was I? My last memory was of the light. A blooming light setting me free from my chains. I'd been waiting so so long. Yet... there were other memories among mine of the never ending darkness. Mortal memories and the name Evan.

I was Evan or I had been. He had been fighting against a phoenix that was apart of two halves. Two halves that made my soul. The perfect set to bring me into existence. It had to be those two. Those two souls.

Stumbling to my feet I made it across the mirror where I forced opened my eyes. They flashed with a burning fire before setting down to a golden orange colour. Everything else seemed to look the same as this Evan guy. Pulling off my shirt I found a pattern of a phoenix around my body but the ink was no long black. It burned like a fire. A deep red coloured the pattern now. 

"Evan" a voice gasp. I looked over to see a girl stood in the doorway she clutched a bowl between her hands. It looked warm and a flannel was soaking in it. Her eyes met mine and her clutch on the bowl tightened. She swallowed as if her throat was tight.

I turned to face her and reached for my shirt pulling it back on as her eyes moved to the flames. "Serena, I am guessing" 

"Guessing?" she said looking frightened her eyes flicking round me as if looking for something. "Oh god, its in you isn't it? Your phoenix?"

I tilted my head and walked up to her passing my hand over her cheek. "In me? No, dear Serena. I am the phoenix and I am Evan"


"They were two halves of one soul. My soul" I said simply.

"And who are you?" she said not pulling away from my touch but not welcoming it. I frowned at that because I felt she should. It was like I needed her in away. It hit me. She was the power. The power that infused the two halves together.

"You should know" I whispered. "You're the one who brought me to life"

She blinked. "I...I killed Evan"

"Not killed" I said taking her face between my hands. "He was me. A part of me"

"So-so you're Evan?"

"Not just him" I said seeing how confused the idea made her. How hurt it made her. I lent in a kissed her feeling heat flow through me to her and back again. She seemed to relax as my hands moved to rest on her waist supporting her up. Pulling away I saw a twinkling in her eyes. The glow of her power thrummed on her skin. "I am what he was always meant to become Serena. What he wanted to be"

"Wanted.. to be?" she questioned.

I pulled her to me and looked her firmly in the eye. "I am not cursed. I am in control of myself"

The End

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