Serena: The SleepMature

He was asleep, like I had been, and although I tried my hardest I could not wake him.

"Evan! Evan please??!! Wake up!" I shook him as he lay on the floor. "Phoenix?"

After what felt like days but was only an hour I gave up, and sat watching him instead. It was as though there was a shimmer around him; something hung in the air and made the hairs on my arms stand on end. Something was happening inside him, something I didn't like.

I hated to leave him but I had to breathe. I felt constricted, like there was too much energy in the room. I needed to get outside. In the fresh air.

Stepping outside was an odd experience. Everything was alive, and so... it was hard to describe. It was as though there was life in everything, even the bricks and the stones. There was a gentle hum in the air, as though everything were talking in some strange language to everything else. Like the earth itself had a language.

"Serena." I span round and saw Dilila leaning on the wall behind me in the shadows.

"Dilila... what...? Is he here?"

"No. It's just me."

"Oh. What do you want?"

"You got your powers then?"

"Yeah... I guess."

"But my brother let you outside without his protection? Wow, you must be strong."

"I am."

She chuckled, and then pushed herself off the wall and walked towards me. As she came out of the dark I saw what was around her. Thorny vines were twisting around her limbs, large roses blooming around her. And what caught my eye most was the vine twisting around her neck, as though it were choking her. Yes her power liked control, and it controlled her. But maybe I could put a stop to that like I had with Evan's phoenix...

"No matter how powerful you are, he'd never let you go out alone. He knows you're in danger. So, where is he?"

"He's right in there. In my room."

"So you snuck out while he was asleep?"

"Yes." I didn't want to tell her just how asleep he was. I didn't know how she'd react, even as his sister.

"Nice to know there's trust in your relationship."

"Dilila, you brother loves you, and he wants you to like me, and I want you to like me. I want us to get on I really do."

She chuckled again.

"Doubt that's gonna happen. But nice try. I have to go now. But trust me, I'll be seeing you soon. Maybe we should talk."

"What, about how you tried to kill me?" I asked, suddenly remembering.

"Yes. About that. There's something you have to know. But I can't tell you now. I'll see you again."

"No Dilila wait..." But she had already gone. I shivered and turned to go back inside, my mind full of curiousity and the image of the thorny vine that encircled Dilila's neck.

The End

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