Evan: Packing in advanceMature

"You have a passport, right?" I said as I put my suit case down by Serena's door. I'd lugged it over from the place me and my sister was supposed to be living at. The place had been cold and I'd felt like a stranger there. 

"A passport?" Serena asked confused stopping right as she place a shirt in her suitcase. She looked at me with a tilt of her head. "Why are we going abroad?"

I nodded before walking over to help her pack. "Well, I have a friend abroad in Greece. I know the economy isn't great there right now but a lot of inks live there" I mutter thinking about the bands of inked that I'd bumped into there. Dilila had wanted to stay while I had wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. Some of my life was just a blur. Unfortunately that one wasn't.

"What's his power?"

"Um, do you know the greek monster Kobaloi?" I asked and watched Serena's face go blink. I chuckled and stroked her hair. "Don't worry. You'll probably want to catch up on all of this though"

"Well, I still have school to focus on" she says turning to wrap her arms round me. "I don't understand why we have to pack now"

"Because Dilila and this Hades are going to catch on, Serena" I whisper softly leaning down to kiss they jaw. "We might end up running you do realise that"

Serena swallowed and tilted her head so my lips met her jaw more firmly as she hugged my waist. "I didn't think about that no" she said then glanced at the clock. "Almost bed time, Evan"

"Bed time. I didn't think we had one" I sighed rubbing her hips with my hands and feeling her melt under my hands. Her back arched and I couldn't help but smile when I kissed her neck as her eyes fluttered closed. 

That was when my phoenix roared to life. I stumbled back and Serena's eyes came open. She obviously saw the phoenix. "Go away" she snapped but I didn't feel it sink back. Serena clenched her fist and kept glaring at it before seeming to follow it round my body. I felt in constricting too and my knees buckled. "Evan... its not listening" 

I looked up at her and she gasped. I could feel the fire in my eyes before my head hit the floor and I fell into a sleep were neither me or my phoenix would wake from. I wouldn't be Evan and I wouldn't be the phoenix. 

I'd be what my ink had marked me to be. What Serena's power had brought out.... Apollo.... the god of fire and a union of my ink and humanity.

The End

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