Serena: PreferencesMature

Weirdly, I prefered it this time. I remembered the fire from our previous night of passion and realised that the phoenix had been ever so present then. And now I knew, I knew it was just Evan. And it felt real, it felt good, but it also felt true. And it felt powerful. 

That was what worried me. It was powerful and strong and I could feel it all. I could feel it in my veins, in my skin, in my ink. And I could feel it coursing through our bodies, never fully merging, but both powers reaching for each other. Then came the moment where our powers touched, lightly, momentarily, but that power shot through Evan and I like lightening. As we clung to each other, sweating, gasping, I laughed with the exhileration. Then his phoenix flared up, and I glared at it over his shoulder until it shrank away, leaving us in peace once more.

"I love you." I whispered as we released each other from our desperate grip.

"I love you." He murmured back.

We lay there for what seemed like hours, just staring at each other. He played with my hair, twisting it in his fingers, and I marvelled at him, now that I could see him clearly, now that the veil had been lifted.

And still, I did not know what I was.

"How did you find out your power?" He shrank away, but his phoenix rose, grinning as if called. "I want him to tell me, not you." I snapped at it.

"Who are you talking to?" He asked.

"Your phoenix."

"How did you know he wanted to tell you...?" He looked concerned.

"I told you I can see him..."

"I thought you meant you could see him in me."

"I can see him in you, around you..."

"...Stop. You can see him as a seperate being?"

"Well he's still attatched..." I replied confused, glancing at the phoenix and then back at Evan.He looked over his shoulder at the phoenix.

"You can see him there?"


"I can't. I've never met anyone who can."

"Maybe that's my gift? I can see everyone's power?"

"Well I've never heard of anything like that but I suppose..."

"Well how do I find out? I want to know!"

"Mine was obvious Serena, that's how I knew. Along with some of the incidents when I burned girls."

I nodded, passing over it because I already knew this and it was part of him. But the Phoenix writhed with the pleasure of the memory, and I paused before moving on, another thought in my head.

"So... if your phoenix were to take over... would he burn me?"

"No." Evan answered, almost as instantly as the phoenix shrank from the very thought.

"Oh. Good. Well maybe I should go and see whether I can see other people's powers, whether it's just yours."

"The only other people close enough are my sister and that evil man..."

I nodded.

"Then take me somewhere else. Take me somewhere."

Evan shook his head.

"It's not safe..."

"Evan, I've changed now. It's fine!"

"You're still new to this. If your powers are something odd that could cause harm I shouldn't take you anywhere near others. We have to test you first."

"Well, if it was anything to harm others, you wouldn't still be here would you?" I argued, annoyed that he was still being protective. I wanted to go out, see the world, see other inked people!

"Serena I don't think..."

"Take me!" I yelled and the phoenix cowered, and Evan slapped his hands over his ears. "Evan? Evan are you alright? I'm sorry."

"It's fine... you're just... more powerful than you understand. I can take you if you wish."

I stared at him. I did wish it, but now I was worried. I'd never had a flash emotion like that before.

"Alright. Maybe in a few days. At the weekend. I think I'll just stay in town for a little while. Test my skills. It's the end of term on Friday anyway."

"So we'll go on the weekend."

"And I'll go to school for one more week."

"I don't think..."

"Let me have that at least. I need to finish off this term."


The End

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