Evan/Phoenix: Only YouMature

"So what am I? What's my thing? My power? You should know by now right?" Serena asked me eagerly. She looked so excited. I wished ink didn't exist while Serena. She seemed born for it. It made her look so alive and so free. She didn't seem pulled down by any dark nature. She didn't seem to have lost herself to any force. The force I'd been fighting for years.

My phoenix had always been in me. He'd always been waiting. Waiting for the time where we would bond. He'd been waiting for this. Waiting for Serena. I swallowed and smiled. "I can't tell you that. It's something you learn yourself"

She tilted her head and shuffled over hugging me tightly. "I don't want to lose you, Evan" she whispered.

"You won't lose me"

"But I can feel it. I can see it" she whispered looking up at me with sad eyes. "Your phoenix I mean"

"I don't think it would hurt you" he whispers. "He cares for you as much as I. It's why he's trying to come through. He's stronger than me. He knows he can protect you"

I felt the phoenix turn a bit smug within me but it also admitted that it wanted to protect Serena. She didn't seem to feel the same though. She looked at something on my shoulder focusing on it before looking back at me and shaking her head. "You've always protected me. You don't need it. I don't need it" she said and as she did I felt it shrink back like it did before when she seemed to have told it off.

"Its going to happen, Serena" I said sadly. "Its not that I think I would lose myself entirely but I'd lose parts of me. I worry that-"

"Hush" she quickly said. She pressed herself tightly to me and I couldn't but swallow nervously. All that power was a little bit frightening but it looked like she controlled it perfectly. I also felt that she was going to start leading me but it was when she stopped pressing forward and looked at me waiting that I realised I still had some control.

I stroked back her hair. "I don't think now would be a good moment" I muttered knowing what she wanted.

"Now would be the perfect moment" she said kissing my jaw. "Make me feel alive, Evan"

I let out a sigh before suddenly picking her up and putting her on the counter slamming my hands down either side of her hips. Serena watched me with wide eyes before shuffling closer and kissing me slowly.

It was completely me as we expressed our love for the second time in a way to say hello to our new life.

The End

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