Serena: Waking to New LifeMature

I woke to a feeling of new life running through my veins. Everything seemed clearer, as though before I had been looking through dirty glass to the world, and now the glass was gone.

I sat up, and felt something move with me. I looked down, pulled up my top, and saw the stars travelling and sparking across my body. Wow. They looked incredible. I grinned. Something inside of me felt warm, strong, and powerful. I rolled off the bed and walked over to the mirror. I pulled off my clothes and stared at my reflection. The stars seemed to fly through my body, and it looked to me as though I was covered in little shooting stars, flowing along my curves. Then a bang from the kitchen startled me. I peered round the door to see Evan stood at the counter. He grabbed food, and began preparing something. But as I watched him, it was as though he were two people. I could see Evan, in all his human glory, simple and weak. And then I could see around him an outline of his true self, of the phoenix. And this was strong and powerful, although nothing compared to me. I couldn't tell which one I was more drawn too, because the humanity in me loved Evan, and the power wished to rule the phoenix. Rule? Interesting.

"Evan?" I said to get his attention. He span round, and it took him all of a few seconds to show that he was really struggling with some great battle. I saw the outlines breaking down around him, and the Phoenix begin to sink in.

"Serena." Evan said weakly, looking at me.

"Evan what's going on? Why are you... why is you phoenix...?"

"I can't fight it. It wants you. It can only have you if it takes over me."

"No. No it can't have you." The phoenix looked over at me, the ghostly apparition curled around Evan that apparently only I could see. It glared, disappointed. "It can't have me. It has to leave you alone." The phoenix disappeared, although I could see it still curled as closely as possible to Evan. Still there, waiting until it could become entire.

Evan breathed out and looked at me.

"Aren't you cold?"

"No. I'm warm and alive." I laughed, and leapt on him, wrapping my limbs around him.

"You look beautiful. And you're so powerful..."

"So what am I? What's my thing? My power? You should know by now right?"

The End

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