Dilila: What do we do now?Mature

Hades threw the vase across the room where is shattered against the wall. He turned round to face me with a look of fury on his face. "You were closer why didn't you kill her?!" Hades yelled.

"You had the knife" I whispered then ducked when he threw a chair my way. I mean I was meant to be his lover and he was throwing stuff at me!?! I didn't dare say anything though because Hades was furious and his anger was not showing any signs of calming down.

He screamed and then punched his fist through a wall. "We had her! WE HAD HER!" he yelled shoving his hands angrily through his hair.

"Look there must be something we can do" I suggested sitting down on the bed and glancing at him then away. "She may be unkillable but she's still a person"

"What do you mean?" Hades asked turning to look at me.

"Well, we could just explain why we were going to kill her" I say rising to my feet. "Tell her she was a danger and now you're the only one who can help"

"What about your brother?" Hades asked smirking.

"Leave him to me. I'll keep him out of the way" I grinned. Hades chuckled and leant down to kiss me violently. He was always rough with me but only cause I let him. I could protest but I didn't want to. 

The moment Hades was asleep I began getting ready to head out. I needed to talk to my brother. As I walked down the streets I felt smug and proud. I followed my brothers aura to a corner shop.

It had been three days since the incident and I knew Serena wouldn't be awake yet. Not for a while anyway. I was going to head over when I realised for now maybe I should just watch. Come up with a plan to convince my brother I hadn't meant to do any of the things I had done.

As Evan exited the pharmacy I saw flames ripple down his arm. It was strange because it wasn't an intentional action and Evan didn't even seem worried.

Usually he would. I tried to get closer and I saw a look in his eyes. A look of two people and I realised that finally Evan was bonding with his Phoenix but also that he had no choice over the matter.

The more he was around Serena then the more he'd lose his human soul.

The End

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