Serena: AttackMature

I convinced Evan that it was the day before my birthday and nothing was going to happen to me, because nothing had yet happened. Or at least I tried. I managed to convince him that walking downstairs to the milkshake bar to grab us drinks was not dangerous, and that I would be back soon. And that he could see both exits from one room, so there was no way I could be taken by any mysterious person.

His paranoia had been growing in strength since he had attacked Alex, although I didn't know why. Surely if Alex had been our problem then nothing could happen, because I knew he was in the hospital. And Evan was beating himself up about that. I had a feeling that not being able to see his sister was part of his high imagination. He'd hardly spoken about her all week, and when he did it was because I forced him to. I wished that he'd find her, make amends, but he was stubborn and uncooperative on the subject.

"Two cadbury caramel smoothies please." I ordered and sat on one of the bar stools at the counter to wait. I stared out the window. This was the first time I'd been alone in days. It was half term at school, so Evan had basically accompanied me everywhere and there was no one to stop us. On the one hand, I enjoyed being with him more than I'd ever enjoyed anything in my life. On the other... he was a protective force to be reckoned with.

"There you go." I smiled and took the smoothies, turning to go back upstairs. Out of the window I noticed something that made me stop. Dilila was stood in the middle of the road, staring at me through the window. I took a step towards the window to look closer, and she turned and walked a little way away, before turning to stare once more. She wanted me to follow her.

Evan would be watching... he'd have seen her from the window... Maybe I could get them to talk. If I went out, he would follow and I could make them speak. I headed out the door, carefully not looking back at the windows. He would be running down the stairs by now, I thought, as I followed Dilila down the street. She disappeared down the side of a building and I paused. But if I turned back now, Evan would catch up and stop me before he could see his sister. I followed down the alley.

Searing pain ripped through my arm and I cried out, falling against the bricks. 

"How stupid do you have to be to follow someone who hates you down an alleyway?" Dilila taunted, smirking down at me with a knife in her hand.

"Dilila! I just want you and Evan... to talk!" I gasped, gripping my arm to stop the blood.

"I don't want to talk. Actions are better. And Hades and I have been planning this for sometime."

"Hades?" I gulped, remembering the guy I had bumped in to. "Why would a man who doesn't know me want me dead? Why do you want me dead?"

"Because you're a threat! To both of us! You took my brother from me, and you'll take everything from him."

"I didn't take your brother!"

"That was your doing." Evan's voice sounded against the bricks as he appeared in the alleyway. "You forced me away Dilila, by not accepting how I feel about Serena."

"How can I? She's nothing, she broke in to everything we had!"

"She broke nothing! She is the one who has been urging me to find you. To talk to you. And I tried. But you were too busy with Alex..."

Alex? I was confused, and rightly so, because Evan had never mentioned Alex and Dilila. Not together.

A slowly clapping of one pair of hands started, reverberating round the enclosed space. Hades emerged from the shadows.

"Well done. Very well done. You have used my pet's feelings for you against her." He was speaking to Evan, but I could tell he was focussed on me. He made me shiver, and I instinctively shrank away. "Serena, how lovely to see you again. What a pity that this meeting is not how I planned it. Your heart is still beating." Evan lunged towards him but suddenly crashed in to the wall. "Now now, let's not forget our manners. Dilila my pet, pass me the dagger. You know what they say, if you want something doing..."

I screamed. Pain flowed through me like an electrical current. There was something happening, something changing, and my skin felt as though it were on fire.

"It is happening!" Hades cried, running forward with the dagger, all his suave ways and manners put aside as one things filled his eyes. The kill.

The last thing I remember is his eyes as they burned down on me before I passed out.


I awoke to Evan's voice.

"Serena... Serena..."

"Evan?" I asked, reaching towards where the voice came from. The world was a haze, and I could only make out lights. Lots of lights.

"Serena... you're in your room..."


"He ran. I got in a burn or two first though." I could sense his smile.

"What happened?"

"You're changing. Go to sleep, it will be over soon."

I was too tired to argue. Sleep folded over me like a blanket and my consciousness slipped away.

The End

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