Evan: TornMature

Seeing the tear fall down Serena's cheek I decided to make a stupid decision. "Serena don't cry" I swallowed walking over to her. Sighing I gripped her hands in mine looking down at them. "Yesterday when I came back... I'd had a drink"

"You were drunk? But you weren't gone all that long" Serena said stumbling over her words. 

"I know but.... It just got to me. Especially when I saw Alex" I said which is when a image flashed through my mind. An image my phoenix was sending me with a certain smugness that made me sick. "I hurt him, Serena"

"What?" she said her eyes going wide. "Why? What happened?"

"We fought... I-I... His arms caught of fire. He was trying to kill me... again" I whispered looking down at the floor. Loads of lies were falling from my lips but honestly I knew if I didn't tell her Serena would never notice something was wrong.

My phoenix was me. 'Us' a voice said in my head. It was a rough voice but also fiery and seemed to cause an ache along my bones. "Oh, Evan" Serena gasps pulling her hands out of mine and wrapping her hands round my neck. She leant up to kiss me but it felt odd.

Cheekily my phoenix spoke to me. 'Her body was nice' it chuckled and sent slow images of what happened. I wish I could have savagely attacked the phoenix within me right then but if I did that I'd be attacking myself and that would be insane.

"Look... about last night then..." she swallowed.

"I'm beginning to remember" I said quietly. Pushing back a strand of hair from her face I stroked her cheek as well. "Its just quite sketchy"

"It was the best night of my life" she told me choked. "I just wish I had realised that you were a little.... influenced"

"I know, Serena" I whisper kissing her forehead. "But I'm glad that being with me was the best night of your life"

She smiled up at me while my phoenix chuckled. 'But it wasn't you was it?' he teased. Shut up! I wanted to scream at it. As far as it concerned Serena it was me that she spent last night with not.... not my phoenix. Besides from the images I'd got the phoenix acted as me. He was me for that night while he wooed her.

"Look, I need a shower... I feel a bit sweaty" I smiled sheepishly at her while she blushed then slipped off for a shower. Locking the door I stood facing the mirror and as I watched my reflection smiled thing was... I wasn't smiling. "What are you trying to do?"

"I wish to be with my lady" my phoenix replied as fire began to roll over his skin and his eyes turned amber.

"Serena is mine" I growled.

My phoenix scoffed and leant forward. "I want my lady. She isn't alive yet" he whispered before slowly smiling as realisation fell over my face. My stomach churned and I turned away from the mirror.

No, this couldn't be happening... My phoenix was alive and-and waiting for Serena's ink. For something like that to happen... then Serena's power was beyond anyones I'd seen.

The End

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