"Evan" her voice said before she came into view out of her room. I closed the door behind me but didn't take my eyes off her. She looked just as she had when I'd first risen. Beautiful. 

I could sense her ink rolling across her skin. It wasn't time for her powers yet but her colours were there like a flower just ready to bloom. "Hey"

"Did you find her?" she asked walking over.

She meant Dilila. "No but... that isn't what matters" I said and coughed as if nervous. This Serena didn't want me. Her ink did but her ink wasn't alive yet and I wasn't ready to wait.

"What matters?" she whispers as I leant down to rest my forehead on hers. I tugged her too me by the waist and knew she felt the increased breathing of my body from anticipation. "E-Evan.."

"You and me matter, Serena" I whispered her name sounding odd on my lips. She wasn't her ink so her name wasn't right. It could never be right. I needed her inks name not this. "I-I think we should reconsider... I think we should reconsider waiting"

She took a sharp breath in shock. I knew she was beginning to feel my fire though. She would take this as a sign of Evan being serious. She would think I was Evan but it didn't matter. "But I-"

"I know you felt it to!" I quickly interrupted.

"I know, Evan, but..." she trailed off biting her lip and I took the moment to lean in. I took the chance to lift her up and press her to a wall with an overwhelming passion. She would feel the fire but she wouldn't feel the difference between me and Evan. Between us. "Evan" she gasped tilting her head away but I just kissed up her neck and began to pull up her top.

Her legs wrapped round my waist and her arms round my back. I kissed her again and again and with every kiss some was undone. A button. A zip. Even the removal of a piece of clothing. 

Serena didn't say another word and neither did Evan because in this situation he had no voice. My little goddess didn't even know. The softness of her sheets were all that touched our skin and she whispered my bodies name over and over. I gave her what she needed.

What with Evan she would of had to wait for.

The End

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