Evan: Breaking offMature

Looking for my sister again. It was a huge turn of events from what had just happened. I couldn't remember a thing from being in pain on Serena's bed to waking up above her. We'd obviously been doing something but what had been controlling me.

I was passing into the park when I sensed my sisters aura. "Dilila" I muttered then broke off into a run after the fading aura. "Dilila!"

"It isn't Dilila" a voice said stopping me in my tracks and causing me to turn round. I was flustered and at the sight of Alex I was angry. He had the crossbow in his hand and his eyes were hooded. He looked tired and seemed to have lost his fighting spirit. "Although she was here a minute ago"

"Tell me where she is" I whispered not taking my eyes off the crossbow which he had loaded.

"I would if I knew"

"Why wouldn't you know? I mean isn't she training you?"

Alex laughed and shook his head. "I didn't need any training" he said lifting up the crossbow and admiring it. "This is the best hunter weapon but became useless when bolts ran out. I swallowed and stepped back forming flames in my hands.

"We don't have to fight, Alex. You don't have to listen to them"

"But I do for what you've done to Serena. Maybe I could of saved her had you not come along" he yelled at me. I felt very confused.

"Saved her? From being inked? You couldn't of changed that" I snapped back shaking my head.

"No, from the fate of her ink but its too late now you've twisted her mind. She's going to be worse then Hades"

That name again. "Whose Hades, Alex?"

He burst out laughing. "As if you don't know. You're only siding with Serena cause she's going to be the ink to overthrow him" Alex snarled at me. "You're using her!"

"I have no idea what-"

"Shut up" he yelled then lifted the crossbow aiming at me. Things seemed to slow. I know everyone says that in these situations or that everything went to fast but this moment slowed down. I felt my flames roll up my arms. A voice spoke in my head that wasn't my own.

It told me to let go and that it could save us. It was my phoenix. It was the thing that had controlled my body before. My ink. My power.

I didn't have a choice about letting go because the next minute I blacked out.


Evan would have been too slow. Him without my power wouldn't of survived. It was only cause of me that I was stood standing over Alex right now. He wasn't dead though but I wasn't quite sure if he was alive.

He was shuddering in pain at his burnt arms. They weren't ones you could fix or live with if he did live. If Evan was stood her he'd be wanting to save him. I couldn't hear him right now. He heard me though right before I took over before I became the us we were meant to be. Two halves. Two sides of a coin.

My side... My side needed to go to Serena right now. So I began walking.

The End

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