Serena: BoredomMature

I had begun to contemplate going in to school almost as soon as Evan stepped out of the door. Suddenly everything seemed darker, duller, and not at all intriguing. It was boring to be laying here, without him by my side. I rolled off the bed and looked at myself in the mirror. Then I slowly slipped off my shirt and trousers until I was in my underwear. I gazed at my body.

The stars that showered my skin seemed much more vibrant, much more alive. I wondered how they would look at the end of the week. Then it would only be a few days till my birthday. Just seven days till that date. Seven.

I wondered if Evan was right. Could I wait till then? Could I hold myself back? He was becoming more irresistable, more desirable by the second, and I wasn't sure if it would be possible. And could he resist me? Judging by his reaction when I surprised him, he couldn't handle the sight of me if he hadn't prepared his defences. What explosions of passion would happen then? Would we be unrestrained? Or would my impending change put a halt on everything?

I sighed. These were the questions constantly on my mind. They distracted me, infatuated me, and swept me off my feet when accompanied by a kiss from Evan's soft, sweet lips.

And then there was the Hades guy. Hades was the god of the underworld right? Maybe this guy was an inked person trying to scare me. Or maybe he was crazy. Or maybe he was both...

But if Evan wasn't perturbed by the whole situation... surely I shouldn't worry?


The bell would be ringing for end of school now. I stared out the window.

Where on earth was Evan?

The End

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