Dilila: The PhoenixMature

Hades sat up suddenly and I was thrown to the side falling onto the other part of the bed. "Hey!" I snapped annoyed but soon I fell quiet as a dark sinister smile spread over his lips. Soon Hades was too his feet and walking to his little voodoo mirror in the corner. Always reminded of me of snow white but it was a lot worse which is why I never went near it.

"Show me the soul of Evan Wink" Hades whispered slowly his voice turning the room cold as he spoke to the mirror. It was the fact the mirror showed people's souls, their true intentions, which is why I stayed away from it. It was only Hades that could see other peoples souls. If I was to look in the mirror only mine would be revealed to me. "Oh Evan Evan Evan"

"What is it?" I asked my voice coming out bored as I grabbed my dress and yanked it down over my body. "Why are you looking at my brother's soul?"

"Because, my darling siren, his little phoenix is growing"

I tensed. "I thought you said she'd have to be fully active for him to become his phoenix"

"Yes, that is true. This was only a flicker but it shows just how powerful she is going to be" he hummed wandering across the room. "We must get the hunter on Evan's tail"

"I thought you said that she was going to die first" I rushed to say tensing as Hades turned to me with a questioning gaze. He strode over and ran a finger over my face with his nails slicing the skin. It healed back just as quickly but the sting, the pain, was what he was meaning to cause.

He lean't in and kissed my cheek before whispering in my ear. "What did I say about questions?"

I closed my eyes. "That I don't have an opinion and you are my master" I replied feeling my skin tingle as the last word left my lips. Hades stepped back and strode back to his mirror gazing deeply into the soul of my brother. I wish I knew what he could see but I didn't dare go near that mirror. I had before and the sight of my soul... just a glimpse... I never wanted to see that sight again.

Strangely though I was worried for my brother. From what Hades had said about the phoenix living in him... he would either lose himself or live a double life forever.

The End

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