Serena: Way CloseMature

"So..." I said, suddenly feeling the awkwardness as I realised that the date hung between us again. His body was so close, my shirt was off and his was unbuttoned. I wanted him now. Now. I sat up, stroked his cheek and kissed him. He returned the kiss, but there was none of that fire that had been there just a moment ago. Come on, where was the fire?

"Serena." He stopped me, voice filled with regret as sweet as honey. "Stop. We can make it to your birthday."

"Can we though?" I asked, still trailing my fingers along the contours of this body. He gently removed my hands and kissed my forehead, and I breathed in his scent while he was still this close to me. Then he pulled away.

"Yes." His voice was shakey and unsure. "As long as you put your top back on." A small cheeky smile twitched his lips.

I pulled a face and slipped the shirt back on. I glanced at the clock.

"Well, I'm late now anyway. Might as well stay here."

"You should go to school."

"Look, this guy Hades freaked me out, no matter if he's just a loon or not. So I'm just going to stay here and make myself comfortable. With you." I smiled, and patted the bed beside me.

He frowned but lay next to me. I curled up at his side.

"You should find your sister you know. Make peace with her." I muttered after a few minutes of silence. He rolled away and sat on the edge of the bed looking down at his clasped hands."Evan?"

"I know. I know I should find her. But I don't dare leave you, in case anything happens to you."

"Evan, I'm in my own house when I should be in school. Go, find her and come back before school is supposed to end. No one will know."

He turned and looked as though he would disagree, but thought better of it.

"Perhaps you're right."

"I'm always right." I winked, sticking my tongue out.

"Well they say knowledge is power. Maybe we should get you some glasses, turn you in to one of those sexy geek girls." He winked.

"You wouldn't be able to resist." I whispered in to his ear.

"True." He whispered back, his voice a little choked.

"Go on, get out of here." I said, giving his cheek a peck.

He stood, smiled and left.

I let out the air I'd been holding in. Wow.

The End

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