Evan: PhoenixMature

I lay shaking on Serena's bed. Something was happening. Something not good that felt like someone was punching me in the gut repeated or I'd just swallowed acid. It was so painful that I could scream but I didn't. I settled for huge groans and gritting my teeth.

I didn't want to freak anyone out but as I looked down at my skin I panicked because flames fluttered every now and then. "No" I choked as I felt my eyes begin to get heavy. "No..."


"Evan!" a voice called. I sat up looking down at my hands and stretching the fingers. I smiled tasting the air on my tongue. I was free. Evan had lost his will and I was alive. Free to burn.

That was when she came in. I remembered her name. Serena. She looked at me panicky and rushed over falling into my arms or Evan's arms as she believed. "What's wrong?" I said finding my voice odd. I'd never spoken before really.

She looked up at me trying to catch her breath but all I could feel was her power. The power running through her ink. My need to satisfy her rose as I realised how incharge she was. "There was this man. He called himself Hades and I-I think he wants me dead"

Oh that would not do. I passed my fingers through her hair feeling the odd sensation of it on my skin. "Don't worry. He was probably just some loon"

"But Evan-"

I put a finger over her lips silencing her quickly replacing it with my own lips. The kiss was full of heat but not the sort of heat I adored with my whole fiery self. It was enough though and soon my hand slid under her shirt to run along her skin. She pulls away gasping for breath.

Once more she tried to speak but I silenced her and her words she was about to speak turned into a soft moan. I was hungry for more. Much more. I slid her shirt off and leant down to kiss the ink near her breasts. 

"E-Evan" she finally spoke. I looked up at her from her stomach and her heart began to pound heavier. I smiled and moved back up to kiss her again. Her fingers fimbled with the buttons of my shirt and it was open in seconds. Then her eyes widened and she was staring at my tail in wonder. She ran her finger over the ink which is when I lost my grip of control and Evan came back to life.


I woke with a gasp but it seemed I had been awake some time already. I pulled back. "Sorry, that was a little to far" I croaked not knowing at all how far I'd gotten.

"Yeah, maybe" she smiled cheekily. She seemed enthralled by me like I'd swept her off her feet and taught her to fly. What had happened while I was out? What had my body been doing? Who had been controlling my body?

I swallowed and pushed a hand back through my hair. "Um, you came home for something then?"

"Yeah, you were right. Hades is probably no one"

"Hades" I muttered looking at the floor. The name sounded familiar but I shook it off and smiled over at Serena. "Yeah, probably nothing"

What was going on with me though wasn't nothing and I'd be a right idiot if I was going to let Serena worry about it though.

The End

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