Evan: Utter ShockMature

Serena and me were left confused for the next two or three days taking the count down down from 14 to 11 days to go. The ache was beginning to set in.

"My back hurts" Serena groaned as we lay on her bed. I frowned and made her roll over rubbing my hands into her back over her ink. She relaxed almost instantly. "I don't remember anything about the mention of achey pain"

She looked up at me and I leaned down to kiss her nose. "Sorry, I must off forgot" I whisper. She huffed and went silent as I rubbed my hands into her back through her shirt. I didn't dare take it off. I don't think Serena had realised yet but the closer we got to her birthday the more irresistible she became. I was a little frightened she'd turn out to be something like a siren but her ink was so different to Dilila's I prayed not.

"Gimme a kiss" she said rolling over. "You asked for one when you were hurt"

I grinned and leant down to kiss her. The moment our lips touched I was breathless. The whole world seemed to flicker out like a candle and I was left hearing my heart begin to pound hard against my ribs. Pulling back I swallowed nervously which caused Serena to frown.

"What's wrong?"

I didn't want to worry her I really didn't but I couldn't lie. "You're seeming to become.... irresistible" I laughed.

She blushed and slipped out from beneath me to get up. She began to change but all I could do was watch her. When her ink came into view my phoenix burst to life and I gasped with utter shock. Serena looked back and I forced a smile onto my face which she returned. I guess she thought it was cause I was admiring her. Well, I was but that wasn't why I had gasped.

I was fighting a battle within me. One I didn't feel like I could control. Soon.... I think the phoenix would take over and I dreaded how it would treat Serena.

The End

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