Serena: Deep ThoughtsMature

I stared at the board, not really taking in what was there. My skin had been tingling all week. I'd thought it would be unpleasant, not at all the strangely joyous tingling along my inked skin. And I never realised that Evan would get so protective... Was that why Alex had quit?

I missed him. No matter what he had done, who he was... I missed him. He made work bearable. No one seemed to laugh now. No one seemed alive.

"Miss Faith?"

I looked up and saw the whole class and the teacher was looking at me.

"Sorry, what did you say?"

"I said, what do you think the first thought in Romeo's head is when he sees Juliet for the first time?"

I thought about  Evan.

"I think he thought she was beautiful, the most beautiful person he'd ever seen. Like he could see the goodness shining out of her."

"Do you think he knew right then that she was the one for him? Was he sure right then?"

"No. You never know, you can never be sure. But you take the plunge anyway. Sure is for people who don't love enough."

"Is that a quote?"

"It might be..." I had to admit it was one of my favourite quotes ever, and it seemed appropriate to answer with it. But yeah, there was no way I was getting away with it. "Yes, I think it is."

"Well good, very insightful. Now, Mr Pilter..." My mind wandered as soon as she moved on to someone else.

Evan had been anxious about his sister, I could tell, but he didn't want to do anything because he was watching me. Thank god he had time while I was at school to catch up with everything outside of me. I hoped he was looking for Dilila. It worried me that they should be drifting apart because of me.

The bell rang for the end of the day.

Evan was waiting outside, a crease between his eyebrows.

"What's wrong?" I asked after kissing him.

"Nothing." I knew he was lying and pulled a stern face."Alright. I saw Dilila and Alex together."

"But... Alex is supposed to be killing our kind right?"

"Yes. I don't know what's going on, but I don't like it."

We walked home in silence. We were both too deep in thought.

The End

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