Evan: The Shock of Betrayal and LiesMature

Only two more weeks. I felt a little sick in my stomach. Serena was confused when she went into work only to find Alex had retired and my sister still hadn't turn up.

I think honestly, as I wondered around town in an absent manor, that I was looking for her. She was my sister and the absence in my memory of that... time I had come home had come back to bother me because I was seeing flashes. A figure that loomed not only in size but as a menacing object that made you feel as if you were pressed to the ground by the overwhelming presence.

I shook it off now once again and hunched my shoulders. I hated Serena being away at school it was a little upsetting not to be with her. Especially with all the flickers and tingles running over her skin. 

She seemed different as well. Actually, she seemed to have crawled back into her shell when we were out in public. When she was alone she was the lively fire spark I'd grown use to and loved with all my being. That last part was cheesy but true. Her change though was something I'd have to deal with. She'd be back to herself when all the changing settled down and she was... well... inked. I hadn't told her but it kept me up at night.

I sighed and stopped walking pushing a hand back through my hair. I looked up ahead and froze because up ahead was my sister. I opened my mouth to call out but then I saw who she was with.

Hell, she was with Alex. She hadn't his a crossbow with a bag which I assumed contained bolts but... why was my sister giving him weapons. He put the crossbow, in it bag, strapped to his back then opened the bag pulling out a bolt. I was almost sick at the sight of the glinting back metal. Alex looked at my sister wide eyed then closed the bag strapping that also to his back.

He mutter something angrily while my sister just smiled before watching him storm off. Before even of them saw me I slipped out of sight with my heart pounding. What was that? Why was my sister providing a hunter with weapons to kill us?

My stomach churned unhappily and I looked out just in time to see my sister walk off.

What the hell was that crazy girl up to?

The End

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