Dilila: Tricking the Demon HunterMature

I had been watching Serena's friend Alex for day and finally, when he finished work after hours of watching my brother and his crush together, I decided to make my move. I followed him down the path and stopped him by the corner.

"Hey" I said sweetly. He tensed instantly and reached towards his pocket. I waved my hand laughing. "Oh don't do that, gorgeous"

"I really wouldn't" Hades said stepping up behind Alex and breathing onto his neck coldly. "We're only here to help after all"

Alex swallowed and held up his hands. "Look, I don't want no trouble. What do you want? My wallet? My phone"

Hades laughed darkly and I was seriously amused myself. "Oh don't think we don't know what you are. That's just insulting, Hunter" I paused. "Or should I call you Alex? Its such a lovely name"

"How do you know my name?" he snapped. Hades reached out for his throat but I held up a hand telling him I got this in a way. I then turned my attention quickly back to Alex. He was beginning to fidget now really wanting to reach towards his pocket. I bet that's where he kept his hunter blade. 

"Oh, you know..." I trailed off twirling my hair round my finger and winking at him. "My brother is dating that annoying little girl Serena"

"You're Evan's sister?"

"Well I don't consider him my brother anymore. He betrayed me for that slut"

"She isn't a slut" he yelled at me stepping forward then finally Hades stepped in. He grabbed Alex by the scruff then threw him at to the wall. Alex paled at the sight of Hades as the jagged stars span across his skin. "Y-You're-You're..."

I smiled at his stuttering as did Hades. "That's right you pathetic mortal and you're going to help me kill Serena before she becomes a monster worse than me"

"No, that can't be right" Alex said shaking his head and I rolled my eyes.

"Look both my brother and her know it. They're just biding there time. They're both mind twisting maniac. Even I don't want out cover blown by those lunatics"

"Evan did this to her? Why not just kill him?"

"Because she's too far gone and we only have 3 weeks left"

"Her birthday" Alex choked looking down. "No" he shook his head and tried to move away. "I can't do it"

Hades then pinned him to the wall by his neck. "Yes you can and you will" Hades growled smiling gleefully as he held Alex's life in his hand. It was kind of hot. 

The End

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