Serena: CoolingMature

So this was the start. The start of my change.

The thought of it terrified me so much that I hardly thought of the slight pressure on my hip from Evan's hand, the closeness of him, the scent of him. He was quiet too, clearly thinking, as we walked to the restraunt.

"I love you." He whispered as we reached the door, and he pulled me in for a kiss that almost made me say heck to the job and my birthday and jump on him right there.

"I love you too." I whispered as he released me. Then he leaned in for another kiss and I had to push him away. "Stop it, before I completely loose my mind."

He grinned and I pushed him slightly before going inside and walking straight in to Alex.

"Oh!" I cried as I collided with his rock hard chest.

"Watch yourself." He muttered gently, holding me until I caught my balance. I heard a cough and found Evan glaring at Alex.

"Will you too stop it?" I groaned, and marched off behind the bar. I watched the stand off dissolve as Alex came over to the bar.

"So, he seems remarkably recovered."

"Don't you ever touch him again Alex." I muttered.

"I don't have to touch him to..."

"... Give over. You know what I mean."

"I just wish you'd chosen better."

"Wish I'd chosen you more like."

"Well maybe I do." He said, catching my hand. Then his eyes widened and he let go. "You've started."

I looked away over at Evan who was half risen from his chair. He looked as though he would murder Alex for touching me.

"Yes, I have." I said, wiping a glass with a wet rag.

"God I hate this."

"Hate what? The fact I'm turning in to a 'monster'?"

"Yes." He replied through gritted teeth.

"But what if I'm not Alex? Evan isn't a monster."

"Oh but he is."

"Well not to me."

The End

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