Evan: What a way to make a livingMature

I kept Serena away from work for a few days but eventually she saw what I was doing and eventually she got fed of it.

"I need to work" she told me angrily. "Bills don't pay themselves and not everyone has the kind of cash you seem to have hanging out of your pockets"

"But Serena" I whispered pulling her to me and running my hand back through her hair. I pressed my lips to her forehead and savoured the sweet taste of her skin on my lips. "He's dangerous. He possess' weapons that I thought were destroyed. If it comes down to it-"

"No, I don't care what you have against each other" Serena said pressing herself to me. "If you both care about me then you won't do anything"

"You're birthday is so close though only 13 days, Serena" I whispered as she slipped out of my grasp to get dressed.

"Speaking of the days that have passed have you bothered to talk to your sister?"

"My sister has not been around" I frowned biting my lip. I was worried about that too.

"Then maybe you should go look for her while I go to work cause I am going" 

My heart winced at that thought and I strode up to hold her from behind. My arms wrapped tightly round her waist pulling her back into me and I ran my lips up her neck. "I'm not letting you out of my sight. I thought I'd made that clear"

Serena shivered in my arms and seemed to lean back into my embrace. She tilted her head allowing me to run my lips over her neck repetitively before I slowly kissed the skin as her eyes closed. "I'm meant to be getting dressed" she choked out but I didn't let go and she didn't pull away.

It was the tension. The cold hard tension that had been building up inside both of us for the past week. I didn't know what to do about it and I knew I had to do something cause we couldn't just keep going like this. It was too much for either of us to handle. 

"Then why aren't you?" I couldn't help but tease. With a groan I let Serena push herself out of my arms then turn to me. 

"Stop it" she said simply. "If you're not letting me out of your sight... then you're coming with me to work" 

I sighed heavily and sat down on her bed watching her as she removed her top. My eyes flowed over the tattoos and for a moment I was just admiring them like I always do. Then a flicker. "Stop" I quickly said. Serena looked at me clutching her shirt in her hands as I walked up and ran a finger along the pattern on her back that I just saw move.

"What's wrong?" she asked gently. For a moment I didn't answer her and closed my eyes leaving my finger over that one part. Cold.

"I think you're gonna have to be careful at work" I whispered stepping back so Serena could finally pull on her shirt.

"Why?" she asked as she tugged it over her head.

"Cause your tattoos are starting to cool in" I replied quietly hoping she wouldn't hear but she did cause her whole body tensed and she looked over at me questioning. "It's nothing to worry about. The tattoos start to cool way before the powers set in I'm just... worried about Alex. If he's a proper hunter he might be able to sense it"

She swallowed then nodded. We were in silence after that.

The End

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